ROI (Return on Investment) Reporting

It is important to track your investment with Artemis.

We watch all marketing activities and provide detailed reports. Campaigns are carefully monitored to find the best use for your investment.

Return on investment, ROI, reporting breaks down campaigns. Reports show you cost effectiveness methods like pay per click (PPC), Email and newsletter marketing, affiliates programs (Click Bank, Amazon, etc. . .), banner advertisements, and much more.

Artemis Internet Consultants’ reports include:


Web Analytics - We Study your visitors' actions to determine how to make your website more appealing to them.

Click-to-sale conversions - We test markets and keywords to turn clicks into sales.

Unique Visitors count - We show you how many different people visit your website in a given time-frame.

Keyword sales conversion rates - We research the best keywords for your product to increase targeted traffic and sales.

Search engine rankings for target keywords - We move your website to the top of search engine results. Most users only look at the first two pages of results.

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