Search Engine Optimization: "Getting to the Top"


Search engine optimization improves the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Increased traffic equates to increased sales. Artemis SEO experts apply proprietary and sophisticated tactics to bring your site to the top of Internet search pages.

Our SEO consultants create a customized marketing strategy for each client. An evaluation is conducted to analyse which search engine algorithms are at work and what Internet users are searching for as it relates to your business. This evaluation will include some basics such as:


• evaluation of your site's coding
• web site presentation
• web site structure
• revamping of your web site so that search engine indexing programs my fully perform "spidering" of your site.

In addition to the basic evaluation, our SEO experts will determine what unique content to add to your site to ensure proper and effective indexing by search engine robots. Your website will be more available as well as more appealing
to visitors.


The end result will be a highly effective optimization of your website: a substantial increase in your web site exposure, increase in visitors, increase in sales, and a greatly increased return on your marketing dollar.

ROI Reporting


Your SEO by Artemis experts may be a valuable stand-alone service for your web site or part of a broader and more developed e-marketing campaign. For instance, SEO is most effective when your HTML source code of a site is incorporated with SEO tactics with the initial development and design of your web site. Our Web Solutions Package approach will give you the highest possible e-marketing results.